Sometimes, being locked down can be great.

By Damien Korday I now have plenty of cool Items to place and use thanks to the new rounds of Fameshed and TMD which by the way are both on par this month with how many awesome items there are. One such item is our featured item which actually comes From the talented Lucas Lameth and Cosmopolitan. Its the gorgeous Hibiscus plant and comes in … Continue reading Sometimes, being locked down can be great.

Let’s Talk About BOM

BY DAMIEN KORDAY As I am doing this post from my RL job, the photo quality may not be that great. They will be raw photos and hopefully detailed enough that you can see them. There are so many of us out there that don’t understand the way that BOM works. BOM is bakes on mesh. This means that you can now apply layers to … Continue reading Let’s Talk About BOM

Freestylin’ #2

By Anastasia Bubble. Did a bit of Mp searching today. While Not all of it was completely free, I did find several 1 L items that are worth the price and look real nice. The Piercing set that you can have going right, left or both was totally free and fits easily The Stars on my face. great eyebrow and star set for only … Continue reading Freestylin’ #2

Coffee or Tea? Which one will it be?

By Damien Korday Hit up a few events today and picked up some awesome stuff. One of which only being 200L for the full Your Dreams Dining Set in the photo below. This includes the chair, table chandelier and place setting. 200L? I almost played my heart attack gesture! You can find the dining set at Uber along with the cool wall decor from N4RS. … Continue reading Coffee or Tea? Which one will it be?

4 male body comparisons of 2020.

By Damien Korday PLEASE NOTE SOME ITEMS LISTED ARE STRICTLY OPINION OF THE AUTHOR. MOST TECHNICAL ISSUES ARE EXPERIENCED GRID WIDE. First I would like to say sorry for the crappy gyazo shots. 2nd, I am here today to help out the guys who are looking for male bodies. I have recently seen several posts on facebook of guys asking for help in choosing. Hopefully … Continue reading 4 male body comparisons of 2020.