About Us

Damien Korday and Hallelujah Bellingshausen have been around the sl scene since 2007.

Hallelujah’s Blog Stylin’ U ended in 2015 and Damien’s Stylin’ Dude blog ended in 2016.

Damien is an SL Photographer and Interior Decorator and Hallelujah is an ex SL model and fashion Icon.

Each had their own blog until they decided to collaborate and bring you the best of SL together. Along with Reposts from other WordPress blog sites and original blogs, they give interesting and fun feedback.

Hallelujah is the Female  Fashion and Freebie Coordinator for the site While Damien is the Home and Garden and Male Fashion Blogger.

Living in SL would love other contributions as well. Please Contact DamienKorday Resident to join us.