Gifts from MOH8

Finished the hunt from all of the stuff that is out so far. Keep in mind that there are still over a handful of stores with nothing out. However, this is a HUD based hunt so its easy to click and go to the next location.  Anyway, here are just a few of the Great Gifts MOH8 has to offer.


7mad;Ravens Clean Brown Boots
Elysium – Dolphin bangle (L) – black leather (gold)
MESANGE – Alaska Eyes Pack for MOH
::BB:: mens dept -Winter scarf
{ Speakeasy } Tristan Hair (without side)
PBM Mens [Ear Warmers] MOH8 (wear)
BTTBxTTZK weekend pants – MOH8 – male M
sharp by [ZD] JAZ SLIM FitMESH SHIRT leaves
VYC – Beard Style [HD] – Fate (beard and Scar)
~Reel Poses – On My Way (Car Included)


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