Shhh. Can you keep a little secret?

By Hallelujah Bellingshausen

I really hope you can because if you can’t, I might just get in trouble. My secret, Is I’m a cheater. I cheat at events. I know that Kustom9 doesn’t open until the 15th but i dropped by there anyway just to see if anything was out yet. It was. This adorable little overall  and cut off top set Mila Dungarees and Sweatshirt by KITJA. I had to have it. Everything they make is so cute. So I sneaked from the side of the building and bought it. Its a good fit for my Lara Body too So don’t tell anyone my secret of cheating. I just might get into trouble. Shhhh.

P.S. My shoes are the latest group gacha gift from Pure Poison. I got lucky and got the all color rare hud. kitja






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