I have always watched the Bay

by Hallelujah Bellingshausen.

To me, SL has always been about being silly. Since my early days, (Feb of 2008) My friend Lina and I have always run up and down beaches (particularly the nude ones) playing that old Baywatch Theme Gesture acting like we were saving drowning victims.

Once upon a time we found a layered Baywatch Bikini. I remember it came with those old crappy prim Heels and this life bouy thing. I would update slightly over the years. Usually with just a different skin or a different hair. Though usually my boobs got bigger once i found bouncier physics.

Though the shape and that Layered outfit never changed with my yearly updates. Now, is a different story.

Now that I have finally embraced the Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya, I had to find a new Bikini for my little game that I like to call Baywatching. Wearing a standard skin from Glam Affair I look better than I have in years. However, When I want to be really silly i might pull out that old outfit as I have kept it in my inventory.

The new bikini is still layered but, its an applier so Its not so bad i guess. Better yet, I got it on the Marketplace for a whopping 0L. Its not the perfect Bikini for my Baywatching, but it does the job decently enough.


Marketplace Link for Bikini




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