Slink Physique vs TMP…which one to choose? (12-6-15 UPDATE)

We will be editing this post regularly to make it a bit more smooth. Just wanted to get it up.

If you’re like me, then you don’t like the over muscled mesh style bodies and want something with a more slightly muscled to thin, to athletic style. Each of the body’s has its ups and downs however. Slink being the newest, also has the option of wearing your Slink hands with all of the different hand poses. It is btw, the cheapest option. Where the TMP runs at 5000 the new Slink Physique Male body runs under 2000. If you are looking to be a muscle bound bodybuilder then I would recommend Asthetic Enzo body. However, we are not going to cover that one here.

Each of the bodies that we are going to go over has some amazing features, but with amazing features also brings flaws. We are going to start with the TMP (The Mesh Project Body). First of all, I am going to tell you the most annoying thing about this body. It isn’t about the body at all but about the store.  The shopping hud that you have to wear every single time you are at the store. It covers the whole screen and is annoying to deal with. However you must wear it to buy absolutely anything. Then you must upload credits. That’s right. Credits, and chances are when you use your credits you will have an odd amount left. and the clothing that you can buy to fit it exactly, well the majority of it is absolutely ugly as hell, but enough about the shopping Hud and the ugly clothes. I am here to talk about the bodies themesleves, so I will stop my ranting and get on with it.


The body itself has a nice shape but, it seems to be that no matter what you do you really can’t change it a whole lot and it seems to be catered more for Avatars who look to be around college age. If you notice the mesh heads, (which BTW also run at 5000 linden, and are way over priced) they look to be the age of under 25. That said, if you’re looking for an athletic shape, to slightly muscled this is a good option. looking at the photo of my TMP body below you can see that I am not a body builder but slightly muscled. There is also a free mesh body that comes with Boxer shorts. However, you can’t alpha any of the body out, so unless you run around in underwear or your birthday suit, or are a stripper and are naked on stage,  or just want to test the free body as a demo, then i wouldn’t suggest going this route. (however i would suggest trying the free one as a demo before just buying on a whim). This is one where i had to majorly modify my shape to where without the mesh body on I look like a freak. There is something about the torso of this one that has always bothered me, and the upper back near the the neck and shoulders has a strange shape. Could this be to only fit the TMP clothing?  If you make your butt bigger it looks a bit like a shelf. I am though a big fan of the arms and pectorals on this one. Anyone want to rest a glass on my ass?



One of my biggest complaints about the TMP is the alpha Hud. Even though its pretty simple it needs to be Mod so users can resize it as sometimes its extremely hard to click the alphas as they are small and very close together They should also be done as the sections of the body like Torso, Legs, etc. This will make it much easier to use. Also, depending on the environment, i have to on occasion zoom out into the sky to actually see what I’m doing. Especially when i am turning an alpha off to bring the body back. The black background was really a bad idea.  The Alpha Hud though, is pretty much just the alpha hud. (the slink hud however seems to be a bit easier to use even though there are more options. I will get to them in part 2) There are no skin tones, tattoos or anything else in the alpha hud. Its just an alpha Hud. However, you can turn your tattoo and clothing layers on and off. I have noticed that if i have both Tattoo layers 1 and 2 turned on that sometimes, the tattoo is a thick black blob. Though one thing i have noticed is that this body is easier to fit your non-TMP pants than the Slink Body is because of the Way you can alpha it out. The Alphas seem to cover smaller areas on the body. Especially on the lower back.



Regarding the skintones, Tattoo and clothing layers. These come in a seperate Hud called Stylemode. Here you can install tatts,skins, clothing layers and textures. However, you will have to wear it seperately from the alpha  Hud. In Style Mode you can also retrofit the neck, adjust the hand positions (which btw are very, very few and don’t differ much) and Modify your body or apply items to your body. The skins are pretty easy to match to your regular skin tone even if its a skin tone that doesn’t come with an applier, you can still get it pretty close and if you wear one of the neck blenders which are a tattoo layer, you can come even closer. Only problem is finding the right neck blender. One thing i almost forgot to mention and forgot to get a shot of is on the Style Mode hud there are white icons at the bottom once you enter. these appear depending on what you’re wearing. this is what you will click to get into the Modify or Style Screens, and do keep in mind that when using the TMP  body, IT WILL NOT FIT WITH SLINK HANDS OR FEET! PERIOD! Though with the TMP feet you can edit your shape in edit mode and adjust the sliders to the foot size you prefer and the mesh goes with it.


It seems also harder to be able to get the TMP HUD for designers. I have heard that a designer must have a minimum of 3o items in a store and even then TMP is extremely picky about the designers they pick. That said, I’ve seem some of the TMP created items out there and they are hideous. Knowing what i know about Slink, they share the wealth. Even though now, there isn’t much out there as the Body is brand new, give it a bit of time, i will bet we will be seeing more items and better quality items for the Slink Bodies. Like the skin i am wearing in the pictures. 7 deadly skins which already has appliers for the Slink Body and a quality of skin that i suggest looking into. I just wish that 7D would make less male skins with Eyeliner!

By looking at both Bodies side by side in the following pictures you can see a vast difference in the general shape of the mesh. Mind you, my shape I am wearing in both pictures has not been modified or adjusted in any way.

The picture on the left is of the TMP body, as you can see its a bit more sleek and legs look longer even though i have not adjusted my shape in anyway, while the Slink Physique shape seems to have more of a thicker more realistic shape of a man who is slighter older than 19 or 20. To me the TMP shape is a bit on the skinny side even with the hulkish under shape that i have.



Now that i have had this one a while I am wearing it most of the time. Especially now that my favorite skin store (SAMURAI) has come out with body appliers. There are things about this body that I absolutely adore. Like the fact that it is so much cheaper than the TMP body, that it is also Omega compatible and that there are just…well, so many more options.


The hud looks more extensive. It is, but its also easier to see what one is doing and there are many options all within one hud. Of course do with that they would find a way to put Tattoos and layers all in one place like TMP. and the Pysique feet drive me crazy.

As you can see the Slink body, in certain areas has a more natural look. For instance the butt is a bit more realistic. Notice the curve on the shoulders of the TMP body? This makes things a bit harder to fit.and the abdomen is a bit too straight. All in all its a good body however, below the con’s seem to outweigh the pro’s.

So let me break it down.

The Good:

1.It is generally a good mesh. its definitely better than the default sl avatar body.

2. The mesh details are decent and i do prefer the body hair option over the Slink Physique. As the body hair looks pretty good.

3. You can use your shape editing sliders to adjust the size of the feet. Unlike Slink. (the slink Pysique feet are tiny compared to the other sizes. i would recommend wearing the other size feet if you are wearing pants and slink shoes. If TMP can have resizable feet, then why can’t Slink? i don’t get it.)

4. The pectorals are pretty sexy

5. really easy to match skin tones. just by clicking a small circle in the style mode hud you can match or come close to matching many different skins from different designers.

6. The style Hud which can contain layered clothing for the mesh, Tattoos, and Skin tones all in one place thus making everything fairly neat and clean. its easy to use and nicely categorized.

7. the alpha areas seem to be pretty vast but sometimes hard to click.

The bad:

  1. Its more difficult to get the neck to fit. You have to go through steps via the style Hud while the slink physique just seems to snap into place. You will actually need to go under the modify section of Style Mode and select to retrofit the neck.
  2. Its a bit more boyish to young man. This body seems to be the choice for very young high school to college looking avatars.
  3. seems that even when you adjust to a more muscular default avi shape, the mesh stays a bit too skinny and the lower torso seems to curve slightly when looking it at from the a front angle.
  4. the butt looks like a shelf when you adjust it to a larger size
  5. its super expensive and possibly over priced. at 5000L its really expensive. The head is another 5000L that’s 10000L you could easily spend on the Slink Physique plus clothing, plus some slink hands..
  6. its seems that TMP is attempting a monopoly on the Mesh Body Market..So i’ve heard but won’t get into details.
  7. There haven’t been many updates. one that i know of to Style Mode and this one has been out for a while now.
  8. The Alpha Hud is hard to see in some environments.
  9. one will probably ultimately find more Slink compatible items out soon than TMP has currently as Slink is more willing to share their items with other designers and TMP is not.
  10. There is some sort of awkwardness with the body when nude or in minimal clothing.
  11. Many of the items made for the TMP mesh body are downright ugl

There are many other aspects to mesh bodies. And many other things i could post on but the above is just some of the features within the TMP. Buy what you like. what you feel is best suited to you. My opinion is only my opinion and it is to help you further decide what style you are considering. Please do your own investigation on products before making a decision. Thank you..

All in all after having the Slink Body for a while, I think that if i had to do it all over again, I would pick the Slink over the TMP. Not only because of price, but also because of the many more features and more options.

(all photos are raw. No Editing other than cropping.)

Coming soon Part 2: Slink Physique


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